BIOLOGY – Course Description and Expectations

Lynbrook High School 2016-2017

Ms. Della Santina • • Room 304

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Welcome to Biology!  As we explore the science of biology, our course goals will be to:



Biology seeks to understand and explain the living world around us.  During this course, we will emphasize the common themes that unite all living organisms and the ways in which living things impact one another.  Through hands-on activities, lab investigations, discussions, homework assignments, and exams, students will gain a clearer understanding of how scientific knowledge is acquired, analyzed, and supported in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, physiology, and genetic engineering. 







·         Each grading period students start with 9/10 points in participation.  Constructive participation will raise this score. Any violation of class expectations (use of personal electronic devices, bathroom visits beyond one per semester, lack of participation, failure to abide by our classroom Rights and Responsibilities, etc.) will result in a deduction of participation points.  Each tardy will result in the loss of 1 point.







Grading Scale

90-100%        A

80-89.9%       B

70-79.9%       C

60-69.9%       D

59-0%             F

Grading Categories

Tests and Quizzes                                                              40%

Homework                                                                           15%

Class Work/Projects/Notebook/Participation            25%

Final Exam                                                                            20%

Cumulative Grade                                                           100%

Course grades are determined by the total number of points earned divided by the total number of possible points in each of the following weighted categories. Grades are rounded to the nearest tenths place, 89.818% becomes 89.8% = a letter grade of B.








You may use our class website to monitor your progress in our class, check the assignment list, or to use a recommended link. I will do my best to update your grade every day after school. ID: lastname, PW: LHS ID # (plus a letter from the alphabet)



Exemplary student behavior is extremely important.  Four broad Rights and Responsibilities are listed below which students have defined and agree to abide by.  RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES in the classroom include:

  1. Use academic language
  2. Respecting others
  3. Arrive to class ready to succeed
  4. Taking care of my school environment



Failing to abide by the above Rights and Responsibilities will result in a written reflection of the incident by the student, parent contact, and or administrative involvement. In cases of dishonesty, cheating, falsification, theft, etc. the FUHSD Academic Honesty Policy will be followed.


After reviewing the Course Description and Expectations, please sign the half sheet and return it to your teacher.  Keep this course description in your notebook for future reference.


I look forward to helping you develop into a strong student as we explore the field of Biology!


Sincerely,      Ms.Della Santina

BIOLOGY – Course Description and Expectations

Lynbrook High School 2016-2017      Ms. Della Santina 


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