Use one of the links below to help answer questions, clarify concepts, or explore the wonders of biology. (Please let me know about other links that should be added.)

Ch 14, 15, Genetics and Ch 20 biotechnology
Ch 20 PCR

Ch 48 Neuron synapses and drug effects

Great Ch 44 nephron review:

Variety of Animations HHMI

PCR animation and graph

CH 16 Original Article Discovery of the Structure of DNA

Animations of almost every cellular process you can think of (including cellular respiration)

Great animations to accompany the 12 AP Labs

Our textbook's web site:

Root words, prefix, and suffix

van der Waals Robotics/Physics meet Biology (Robert Full UC Berkeley 20 min fun lecture)

Computer animated cell

PCR Flash Animation

Gel Electrophoresis, How Alu jumps

Gel Electorphoresis and Southern Blotting

Restriction Digestion and Gel Electrophoresis of DNA

web site for gene chip animation


AP Biology Links