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Class Work Block Day November 20 & 21, 2019
Demonstrate how to properly use the compound light microscope
Record how the microscope affects the orientation of the image
Measure the field of view for the compound light microscope at low, medium, and high power
Use the diameter of the field of view to estimate the size of a variety of cells
Read the first three pages of Ch 7-2 p173-176. Write down the facts that are presented about… the CELL WALL, NUCLEUS (chromatin and chromosomes, nucleolus, nuclear envelope) and the functions of the CYTOSKELETON

Class Work Tuesday November 19, 2019
Name and describe the functions of the parts of   the Compound Light Microscope
Describe how to properly use the compound   light microscope
Read p25-26 Microscopes. Describe the advantages and   disadvantages of using a light microscope and an electron microscope.

Class Work Monday November 18, 2019
Correct your cellular respiration quiz
Review photosynthesis
Photosynthesis Quiz
Fill in the names of the microscope parts for the Compound Light Microscope. Describe the function of each part by matching the list of functions to each microscope part.

Class Work Friday November 15, 2019
A closer look at the role of light in photosynthesis
Where does the mass of a tree come from?
Illustrate what is used and produced in the light   independent reactions of photosynthesis
To prepare for a Photosynthesis Quiz on Monday, answer Photosynthesis objectives 1-12

Class Work Block Day November 13 and 14, 2019
Bad Breath Test and Experiment
Illustrate what is used and produced in the light   independent reactions of photosynthesis
Try to survive the PLANT GAME
Answer Photosynthesis Check for Understanding Questions 1-7
Periods 1,2,3,6: Answer the above questions and Plant Game questions 1-8

Class Work Tuesday November 12, 2019
Cell Review
Using a set of requirements construct a   model of the cell membrane
Test whether different molecules can or can not cross the cell membrane
Identify the characteristics of molecules that can or cannot cross the cell membrane
Read Ch 8-2 p 204-207 Photosynthesis. Answer Section Assessment Questions 1-5 on page 207

Class Work Friday November 8, 2019
Cellular Respiration review/ game
Cellular Respiration Quiz
Read Ch 7-1 Life is Cellular
Complete handout questions

Class Work Block Day November 6 & 7, 2019
Review Cellular Respiration
Compare Cellular Respiration to Fermentation
Describe the functions of all of the knobs, dials, and switches of the Stereo Dissecting Microscope
Collect and observe your Fast Plant seed   pods and seeds.
To practice for the Cellular Respiration Quiz answer Cellular Respiration Objectives 1-9
Tomorrow (Friday) is Club Food Day. Buy tickets during brunch to spend during lunch on your favorite off campus food!

Class Work Tuesday November 5, 2019
Illustrate and describe how we get energy from food
Period 5: Answer handout questions 10-25
Period 1,2,3,6: Answer handout questions 10-29
Check your grade on our website (at left) write down your overall grade percentage

Class Work Monday November 4, 2019
Describe how living things get the energy they need
Answer Cellular Respiration Check for Understanding questions 1-9.

Class Work Friday November 1, 2019
Types of Energy Q 1-9 and reading link
Compare several energy containing molecules
Read Ch 8-1 pages 202-203 Chemical Energy and ATP.
Periods 1,2,3,6: Write four homework questions and answers that cover the main ideas presented
Read Ch 9-1 Cellular Respiration.  
Periods 1,2,3,6: Answer handout questions 1-6.

Class Work Block Day October 30 & 31, 2019
Design and conduct an experiment to detect changes in O2 and CO2 levels
Due Monday finish your CO2 O2 Lab Report handout

Class Work Tuesday October 29, 2019
Notebook Check
Enzyme Digestion Quiz
Put together a creative costume to wear to school Thursday

Class Work Monday October 28, 2019
Practice using the LabQuest to collect quantitative data
Period 5: Complete Enzyme Graphs
Enzyme/Digestion Quiz tomorrow.
Put together your Halloween costume to wear to school on Thursday for Trick-or-Treating at brunch

Class Work Friday October 25, 2019
Participate in an enzyme reaction
Name, describe, and demonstrate how different
factors can influence the speed of an enzyme reaction.
Enzyme & Digestion Quiz Tuesday -Read your Biology notebook assignments to review (textbook sections 2-4 Enzymes and 38-2 Digestion)

Class Work Block Day October 23 and 24, 2019
Guidance Counselor Presentation
Get some SLEEP. Enzyme/Digestion Quiz MONDAY
Read your Biology notebook assignments to study for the Enzyme/Digestion Quiz (textbook Sections 2-4 and 38-2)

Class Work Tuesday October 22, 2019
Enzyme/Digestion Review
Enzyme & Digestion Quiz Friday. READ your notebook, organize your notebook (Ch 2-4 and 38-2)

Wear Navy Blue Wednesday to celebrate the juniors, and Red Thursday to celebrate the seniors

Class Work Monday October 21, 2019
Digestion Reivew kahoot
Answer Digestive System (Mr. Digestion) Questions 1-21 due Friday (practice for Enzyme Digestion Quiz Friday)

Class Work Friday October 18, 2019
Denature milk protein
Class Dance practice
Enzyme Digestion Objectives continued

Class Work Block Day October 16 and 17, 2019
Travel through the digestive system –Digestive System model
9th grade class dance
Sophomore Class Dance
To practice for a quiz (10/25) answer Enzyme Objectives 1-9

Homework Class Work Tuesday October 15, 2019
Homework Review
Describe and demonstrate how a protein’s structure is determined.
Name, describe, and demonstrate how different
factors can influence a protein’s shape.
Read Ch 38-2 Digestion. Answer handout Q

Class Work Friday October 11, 2019
Correct your Macromolecule Quiz
Test your knowledge of Enzyme Activity
Periods 1,2,3,6:
Read the Protein handout (link here), answer handout Q 1-11
Period 5:
Read the Enzyme handout, answer questions 1-9

Class Work Block Day October 9 and 10, 2019
Enzyme Lab Parts II, III, IV, and V
Period 1,2,3,6: Read “Way to Go Indigo” –link here. Answer questions 1 and 2 at the end of the information.
Period 5: Take notes on pages 52-53 Enzymes

Class Work Tuesday October 8, 2019
Describe and test the reaction of a naturally occurring enzyme
Observe and record qualitative and quantitative data of an enzyme reaction
Read Ch 2-4 pages 49-53 Chemical Reactions and Enzymes. Period 1,2,3,6: Answer handout Q 1-14
Period 5 Take notes on Pages 49-52

Class Work Monday October 7, 2019
Test the early action of your digestive system
Chrome book fill in the blank -Introduction to Enzymes
Read /Review your classwork from today, finish the fill in the blank

Class Work Friday October 4, 2019
Macromolecule Review -Go Fish
Macromolecule Quiz

Number of water molecules produced from the hydrolysis of lactose

Class Work Block Day October 2 and 3, 2019
Homework Collaboration
Use illustrations and molecular models to describe the nucleic acid and protein monomers, polymers and polymerization.
Protein Research and Present
Finish the Macromolecule Objectives 9-12
Get extra sleep so your brain is ready for the Macromolecule Quiz

Class Work Tuesday October 1, 2019
Use illustrations and molecular models to compare and contrast saturated and unsaturated fatty acid tails.
To prepare for our Macromolecule quiz Friday, answer Macromolecule Objectives 1-9

Class Work Monday Septermber 30, 2019
Research Lipids
Identify and describe the monomer of lipids
Use Ch 2-3 pages 47-48 to fill in the monomer and examples/functions of Nucleic Acids and Proteins of your 4 Macromolecules of Life chart
Macromolecule Quiz Friday

Class Work Friday September 27, 2019
Name, draw, and describe the carbohydrate monomers, dimers and polymers.
Read Ch 2-3 p46-47 Lipids. Use the information in the book to fill in the examples and functions of lipids on your   Macromolecule table (bottom right corner)

Class Work Block Day September 25 and 26, 2019
Name, draw, build, describe and demonstrate how carbohydrate monomers form dimers.
Use indicators to detect macromolecules
Pollinate, Support, Prun, Water your plants
Finish the Mystery Macromolecule Lab handout to turn in Friday (Period 5: Finish questions 1)

Class Work Tuesday September 24, 2019
Homework review
Categorizing molecules as belonging
   to one of the four macromolecules
   based on molecular structure
Record the elements common to each macromolecule
Organize your Biology notebook.
Wear close toed shoes block day –glass and chemicals

Class Work Monday September 23, 2019
Make a visual that shows what molecules are we made of
Use the terms monomer and polymer to describe various molecules/everyday items
Identify the common molecular structure, of the four macromolecules
Check your grade
Read Ch 2-3 p 44-46 Carbon, Macromolecules, & Carbohydrates. Summarize the main idea(s) as a complete sentence. Write 1-2 Questions you have about the reading
Period 5: Fill in the blanks

Class Work Friday September 20, 2019
Build molecules showing the correct   number of covalent  bonds formed
Molecular vs Structural formulas
Chemistry of Life quiz (period 1,2,3,6)
Pollinate, prune & support your plant
Correct your SAFETY quiz
Total charge of 7 protons + 2 neutrons + 3 electrons + 5 neutrons + 2 electrons + 10 neutrons + 3 electrons + 1 neutron -4 neutrons + 1 proton.

Class Work Block Day September 18 and 19, 2019
Use information from the   periodic table to draw atoms
Illustrate and describe two types of chemical bonds
Explain why some atoms form chemical bonds
Use your amazing brain power, your Biology notebook notes, Textbook Ch 2-1, and periodic table to help you answer Chemistry of Life review questions 1-10 

Class Work Tuesday September 17, 2019
Lab Safety Review and Quiz
Introduction to the chemistry of life
What elements are we made of?
Period 5: Take notes into your notebook as you read Ch 2-1 The Nature of Matter pages 37-38
Periods 1,2,3,6: Restate the question into your answer as you complete Ch 2 Assessment questions p57: 1, 3, 11, p59: 2,3

Class Work Monday September 16, 2019
Water, prune, pollinate, support and record observations of your plant's growth
Describe how to safely work in the Biology classroom
Safety Quiz tomorrow
Take notes into your notebook as you read Ch 2-1 The Nature of Matter p35-38 (Period 5 pages 35-36)
Please have an adult representative sign your Safety Contract under your Signature –due Block

Class Work Friday September 12, 2019
Organize the levels of study in Biology
Water, prune, pollinate, and support your plants
Describe how to safely work in the Biology classroom
Check your grade on our class website. Write down your overall grade %. Complete any missing assignments or zeros.

Class Work Block Day September 11 & 12, 2019
Collaboration on homework, graphing, etc
Theory vs Hypothesis
Prune,pollinate/water/supporty our plants
Notebook check (period 1,2,3,6)
Scientific Method Quiz
Use page 21 of your Biology textbook to name & describe each picture

Class Work Tuesday September 10, 2019
Scientific method/homework review
Graphing: Confidently label the X and Y axes of a graph Determine when to display data as a bar or line graph
To practice for a Scientific Method Quiz, answer Objectives 9-15

Class Work Monday September 9, 2019
Collaborate on Rollie Pollie Lab Report
Pollinate your plants
Our Class Website
To practice for a Scientific Method Quiz read pages 1056-1057 Conducting an Experiment. Answer handout Q 1-11.

Class Work Friday September 6, 2019
School Climate Presentation -Ms. Sullivan
Record plant observations, water, and pollinate
Scientific Method Objectives 1-8

Class Work Block Day September 4 and 5, 2019
Use the scientific method to design and conduct an experiment that tests rollie pollie environmental preference
Periods 1,2,3,6: Finish the Rollie Pollie Behavior Lab Report handout
Period 5: Finish page 2 of the Rollie Pollie Behavior Lab Report handout

Class Work Tuesday September 3, 2019
Apply the steps of the scientific method to your own experiment -paper airplane
Take care of your plant - water, tie
Ch 1-2 page 14 & 15 Questions 1-3 and Chapter 1 Assessment Questions

Class Work Friday August 30, 2019
Apply the steps of the scientific method to your own experiment -paper airplanes
Take care of your plant -water and record plant observations
Read the Biological Science Lab Safety Regulations circle/ underline/ highlight 5 vocabulary words or regulations you have questions about
*Search for and gently collect 5-10 Rollie Pollies to bring to class for block day. Make them a portable environment they will be content in for a few days.

Class Work Block Day August 28 and 29, 2019
Act as one of the scientists to describe the early views of life and how the scientific method was applied
Practice making metric measurements with the appropriate lab equipment
Read our Biology Course Description and Expectations (see link Course Description to the left under Biology). Highlight/underline/circle the information in our Course Description that answers question 1-24. Bring signatures Friday to class.

Class Work Tuesday August 27, 2019
Water, support, and record plant observations
Use animal tracks to describe The Nature of Science
|Mock notebook check (Period 2, ~6)
Using your dragonfly BIOLOGY book, read Ch 1-2, pages 10-14 How Scientists Work. Answer questions 8-13 into your biology notebook.

Class Work Monday August 26, 2019

Collaborate on Ch 1-1 Homework Q 1-7
Organize your Biology notebook
Water your plant
Using your dragonfly BIOLOGY book, read Ch 1-2, pages 8-10 How Scientists Work. Answer questions 1-7 into your biology notebook.

Class Work Friday August 23, 2019
Identify observations in inferences presented about the iceman
Enjoy the dance and weekend!
We will organize notebooks on Monday
Monday is a dress-up sprit day 9th & 12th grade wear: STRIPES, 10th and 12th grade wear: POLKA DOTS

Class Work Block Day August 21 & 22, 2019

Define our class Rights and Responsibilities
Categorize, name and describe the function of several pieces of equipment commonly used in Biology labs
Check out a Biology textbook
Biology Notebook ~100 pages(8.5x11) for Friday
Periods 1,2,3,6: Read Ch 1-1, p 3-7 What is Science? from your Biology textbook, answer handout Q 1-9
As you read Section 1-1 on pages 3-7 (What is Science?) from your Dragonfly book answer the handout questions onto a separate piece of paper or into your Biology notebook.
Period 5: Read Ch 1-1, p 3-6 What is Science? from your Biology textbook, answer handout Q 1-9

Class Work Tuesday August 20, 2018

Take care of my plant -water
Get to know our class -make a name card
Use animal tracks to help describe the Nature of Science
Fill in examples that fit the Biology Rights and Responsibilities due Wednesday
Biology Notebook ~100 pages(8.5x11) for Friday
Bring LHS ID block day

Class Work Monday August 19, 2019
Get to know our class -Student Information Sheet
Grow a plant from seed
Select a notebook (100 pages 8.5x11 inch) for our class. We will set up our Biology Notebooks on Friday.
Keep the Growing Plants from Seed handout in a safe place
Write down your goals for this semester (back of Growing Plants handout)

Biology Students 2019-2020

Daily Supplies: You will be keeping all of your Biology assignments in a 8.5” X 11” notebook (not 8 ½ x 10) 100 + pages of lined paper. (This notebook will be used for Biology only and kept for the entire school year.) You are welcome to get your notebook before school starts!

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